General information

Use our web check-in for flights with TUI fly (X3) as early as 14 days before departure and start your holiday with less stress.

  • The desired seat can be selected at any time for a fee. With this, web check-in is already possible 14 days before departure
  • Without seat reservation, seats will be allocated 48 hours before departure
  • Web check-in is available free of charge to all travellers no later than 48 hours to 5 hours before departure
  • Reduced waiting times at the airport
  • Passengers with carry-on baggage can go directly to security
  • The boarding pass is always at hand in digital form and can be printed out in advance
  • No extra costs when checking in at the airport - depending on the booked rate

Further information about web check-in can be found here: Web Check-in Info

Can't check in? Please contact our service center

Baggage Drop Off

The check-in counters open at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

  • Passengers with baggage drop off their luggage at the check-in counter
  • Passengers with hand luggage can go directly to the security check.
  • We kindly ask you to hand in your luggage in time. The check-in counters close 60 minutes before departure.

Important safety information regarding packing lithium batteries. All powerbanks, external battery packs, loose or spare batteries including laptop batteries and e-cigarettes must be packed in your hand luggage and not your suitcase. These items must travel with you in the cabin and not in the hold.

Click here for a full list of prohibited items that cannot be carried in your luggage on your flight.

At the airport

Check-in counters open no later than 2 hours before scheduled departure. We recommend that you arrive at the airport with sufficient time.

TUI fly charges a fee of €25 per person (from 2 years) for check-in at the airport counter. Passengers who have already checked in online can hand in their baggage at the counter free of charge

Check-in at the counter is free of charge for the following persons:

  • Passengers who have booked the Perfect fare
  • Passengers who have booked TUI, airtours and ROBINSON
  • Groups of more than 9 persons per booking
  • Passengers with wheelchairs
  • Passengers with supportive care
  • Unaccompanied children
  • Passengers with registered animals

Passengers who have not booked through TUI, airtours or ROBINSON should check with their tour operator whether there is a charge for check-in at the airport.